Policies & Procedures

Policies & Procedures

The HEY Policies and Procedures are available to view below.

Health & Safety

HEY Health and Safety Policy

HEY Health and Safety Procedure

HEY Nutrition and Dietry Requirements Procedure

HEY Sun Protection Procedure

HEY Water Safety Procedure

HEY Sleep Rest and Relaxation Procedure

HEY Hygiene Procedure

HEY Clothing Procedure

Interactions with Children

HEY Interactions with Children Policy

HEY Interactions with Children Procedure

HEY Supervision of Children Procedure

Pedagogical Program

HEY Pedagogical Program Policy

HEY Environmental Sustainability Procedure

Food Safety

HEY Food Safety Policy

HEY Food Safety & Food Service Procedure

HEY Mealtime Rituals Procedure

Medical Conditions

HEY Dealing with Medical Conditions in Children Policy

HEY Dealing with Medical Conditions in Children Procedure

HEY Anaphylaxis Procedure

HEY Asthma Procedure

HEY Administration of Medication Procedure

Emergency & Evacuation

HEY Emergency and Evacuation Policy

HEY Emergency and Evacuation Procedure

Dealing with Infectious Diseases

HEY Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy

HEY Infectious Diseases Procedure

Delivery & Collection of Children & Authorisations

HEY Delivery and Collection of Children and Authorisations Policy

HEY Delivery and Collection of Children Procedure

HEY Refusal and Acceptance of Authorisations Procedure


HEY Excursions & Regular Outings Policy

HEY Excursions & Regular Outings Procedure

Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness

HEY Incident, Injury, Trauma and Illness Policy

HEY Notification of Incident Injury, Trauma and Illness Procedure

HEY First Aid Procedure

Child Safety and Wellbeing

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

HEY Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy

HEY Child Safety and Wellbeing Procedure

HEY Child Safe Code of Conduct

HEY Reportable Conduct Scheme Procedure

HEY Information Sharing Scheme Procedure

Staff & Human Resources

Staffing and Human Resources Policy

HEY Responsible Person Procedure

HEY Volunteers and Students Procedure

Employee Preformance Management Prodecure

HEY Equal Opportunity and Anti-bullying Procedure

HEY Leave Procedure

HEY Flexible Working Arrangements/Working from Home Procedure

Employee Conflict of Interests Procedure

Recruitment & Induction Procedure

HEY Code of Conduct Procedure

Enrolment & Orientation

HEY Enrolment and Orientation Policy

HEY Waiting List Procedure

HEY Enrolment Procedure

HEY Orientation Procedure


HEY Fees Policy

HEY Fees Procedure

Governance & Management of Service

HEY Governance and Management of Service Policy

HEY Governance and Management of Service Procedure

HEY Service Events Procedure

HEY IT, Internet, Email and Social Media Procedure

HEY Record Keeping & Documentation Retention Procedure

HEY Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing Procedure

HEY Inclusion, Equity and Anti Bias Procedure

HEY Intellectual Property& Security Procedure

HEY Communication and Branding Procedure

HEY Privacy and Confidentiality of Records Procedure

HEY CCTV Surveillance Procedure

HEY Credit/Purchasing Card Procedure

Complaints & Grievances

HEY Complaints and Grievances Policy

HEY Complaints and Grievance Procedure