Careers at HEY


For Employees

Please feel free to send your CV through to along with a cover letter outlining your experience in the Early Childhood Industry, your availability and why you would like to join work for our service.

HEY also advertises via the following sites when positions become available:


For Students

HEY supports the early childhood education field and has established links with Melbourne University, Swinburne University, Deakin University, Victoria University, Holmesglen TAFE, MEGT Institute along with many others.

We invite applications for placement from students currently enrolled in any course relating to Early Childhood Education and Care.

If you are interested in completing your placement with our service, please contact us via


Volunteers/Community Service

HEY recognises the value in volunteer work and community service for high school students and works closely with many High Schools in the Hawthorn community to support this.

If you are a high school student looking to complete Community Service/ Volunteer work, please feel free to contact us via

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