Our Service

At HEY we teach children to love learning so they never stop growing

At Hawthorn Early Years (HEY) we recognise the importance of the early years in building the foundations for future learning, health, and life success. Research has shown that 90% of a child’s brain is developed by time they are 5 years old, with the critical period being the first three years. Whilst genes provide the initial map for development, it is the experiences and relationships that infants and children have every day that shapes their brains.

Each day that a child attends HEY is important and provides the foundation for future skills and abilities children need to succeed. Research shows quality education and care early in life leads to better health outcomes, education, and employment opportunities later in life. At HEY we are committed to ensuring all children have safe, secure relationships with both educators and other children, and dynamic learning environments, which provide the necessary skills to successfully transition to school and beyond.

Located in a state-of-the-art custom built service, our educational spaces, both indoor and out, allow for maximum engagement from children.

Our Service Provides
  • Long Day Care for children aged 4 months to 6 years old
  • 3 and 4-year-old kindergarten with Masters or Bachelor trained teachers leading the Educational Program
  • Bachelor trained teachers within our junior classrooms
  • Seasonal Menus approved by Nutrition Australia
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, with fruit and vegetable snacks available throughout the day (our 4-year-old kindergarten groups bring their own lunch)
  • Quality teaching teams supported by two full time Educational Leaders
  • Educational Programs catering to the individual learning needs of children
  • Individual learning and progress updates via our on-line communication tool, Educa
  • Support and advice for children requiring early intervention or additional support
  • Specialist programs including Kitchen Garden / Sustainability, Music, Mental Wellness & Fundamental Movement

Community Engagement

Our community at HEY thrives on the involvement and contribution from parents and carers. Each new group of parents and carers benefit hugely from the legacy of engagement efforts of past parents. We have several ways in which we engage each year.


We encourage parent engagement in our annual welcome events, information sessions, and celebratory events, etc. These events at HEY offer opportunities to gather and engage with staff, experts and fellow families.

Creative Children

We hold an annual Art Show, showcasing the wonderful creations and designs the children make themselves and which you get to take home! Included in the exhibits is the learning behind the pieces.

Our Board

Another way you can make a big difference to your experience at HEY is by joining our Board. This involves attending a two-hour monthly meeting; there are also sub committees such as a finance, risk and executive committees etc who meet separately.