At Hawthorn Early Years, we understand that good nutrition plays a vital role in promoting a healthy, happy and alert young learner.


We have developed nutritious seasonal menus, which have been approved by Nutrition Australia to ensure they meet the menu planning guidelines for Long Day Care.

All meals are prepared fresh daily on site by a qualified cook, using only fresh, local market ingredients. We devote significant resources to allergy and preference requirements and aim to work closely with families to meet their needs, including providing vegetarian and halal meals where required.

Our strict supervision and attention to detail provides parents with confidence that their children’s food requirements will be properly met in our care and that they will be exposed to a range of healthy foods.

Children are offered meals from the set menu in order to ensure they have access to a balanced diet. Fussy eating in children is common, particularly with toddlers, and is not usually a cause for concern. Extra fruit and vegetables are available throughout the day to choose from if needed and additional food is provided for children under the age of one who are still being introduced to all the food groups.

Each child brings their own water bottle to HEY each day.

Infants to three-year-old kindergarten

All meals are prepared and served on site and no food from home is required and/or allowed to ensure the safety of all children, particularly children with anaphylaxis and allergies.


Four-year-old kindergarten:

Morning and afternoon tea are prepared and served on site as per the Service’s daily menu.

Children bring their own lunches in our four-year-old Kindergarten Programs. Having lunchboxes as a part of our rituals and Educational Program supports a stronger transition to school for children. It is important that our 4-year-old kinder children are familiar with bringing their own lunch prior to transitioning to school. This will promote their independence and essential skills needed, such as opening lunch boxes, containers, food wrappers etc.

Alternatively, lunches can be ordered online and delivered to the Service by Classroom Cuisine. This option is available during school terms on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Fruit and vegetables will continue to be available between meals and for late snack where needed.