Our Board of Governance

The HEY Board is the legal entity responsible for the HEY Service and is made up of parent volunteers. The Board attempts to ensure its members have a variety of skills to inform effective decision making – legal, financial, HR, government, education, project management, and cultural.

The Board is focused on governance (rather than an Executive Board which would also be involved in operations). This creates a separation of duties where the management team runs the Service, and The Board assists with the strategic direction.


Scott Buchanan – President

Scott is a secondary school teacher who has taught across government and independent schools in Melbourne for over 10 years. He believes in the transformative power of education and the important role organisations and educators play in the lives of children. He holds a B.Arts/Economics from the University of Queensland and M.Teach Diploma from the University of Melbourne. As a classroom teacher, residential boarding master and now a parent he deeply values the relationship between children’s families and their educators.

Scott has been involved with HEY since 2018 and has two children currently attending the service. One is commencing their 4th year at HEY in the kindergarten program and the other just beginning their journey in the juniors.


Maansi Gupta Khotkar – Vice President

Maansi is a senior in-house solicitor and sits on the local leadership team of a global tech company. She specialises in employment and industrial relations and is particularly known for providing commercial, strategic, practical and legally sound advice. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) and a Bachelor of Arts.

Maansi’s family have been involved with HEY since 2017 and love being a part of the community. Her youngest child currently attends the service and will be commencing 3 year old kinder in Rock Lily in 2022.

Maansi has been on the HEY Board of Governance since 2018 (and as Vice President for the last two). She finds the role very fulfilling and looks forward to contributing to the strategic leadership of the centre and supporting the beautiful learning environment for our children.


Mia Alé – Secretary

Mia is a mother of three children, lawyer and passionate contributor to disability and child care communities.

All of Mia’s children have or currently attend HEY and she is enthusiastic about giving back to the service that has provided her family with so much care and support. Mia is a dispute resolution lawyer at a global law firm and holds a Master of Laws from the University of Melbourne, a Bachelor of Laws (Honours), a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and an Honours Degree in Economics. Mia is also involved in charities and causes in support of children and adults living with disabilities, including Tuberous Sclerosis Australia and Syndromes Without a Name Australia.

Mia has been a member of the HEY Board since 2018.


Bianca Lipins – Treasurer

Bianca is a senior executive with over 20 years’ experience at a leading global professional services firm. Bianca is a qualified Chartered Accountant, has a Bachelor of Business and brings a breath of experience from her roles in client delivery, strategy development and execution, operations and client engagement, marketing and communications.  She has been a HEY parent since 2018, with one daughter now at Primary School and one currently at HEY. Bianca is passionate about giving back to the service that has been such an integral part of her family’s life.


Hannah Hammad

Hannah has been a HEY parent since 2019, and currently has two children at the service, one on the Junior side, and the other on the Senior side.

After obtaining an LLB (Honours) Law Degree and admission to the Bar in London, Hannah’s early career saw her working in a range of political and governmental advisory roles. On relocating to Melbourne, her focus then shifted to public affairs, media relations, employee engagement and change management, primarily in the public and not-for-profit sectors. Hannah now runs her own business, Small Circle, offering career coaching and strategy for women.


Barry Wong

Barry has two children attending HEY. One is attending Banksia and the other spends her time in Cooktown Orchid.

Barry has spent over 20 years helping large corporations with strategy and M&A and he looks forward to making a contribution to the HEY community. Originally from South Africa, Barry has spent much of his time in Australia in the Health and Wellness sector with Blackmores and through that experience he has been able to support not-for-profit boards in the aged care and disability sector.


Zoe Gannon

Zoe is a senior lawyer who practices in employment law, discrimination law, industrial relations and administrative law. She has particular experience working with clients in educational settings. Zoe is currently seconded to the Department of Health and Human Services where she is assisting with the public health response to the coronavirus pandemic as the Executive Lead – Directions Policy Implementation. Zoe holds a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) and a Bachelor of Science, both from the University of Melbourne.

Zoe’s family joined the HEY community in 2020. She currently has three children at HEY and is looking forward to contributing to such a special, warm and welcoming community.


Caroline Jarrett


Wes Tossoun

Wes is a father of four children and has been part of the HEY family since 2017. Having had 2 children already complete their pre-school journey at HEY his youngest daughter is now into her final year, in Pink Heath.

Wes is a registered pharmacist of 18 years and has spent most of that time servicing rural communities via operating pharmacies. Wes also has experience across the Pharmaceutical industry as well as retail and FMCG. He regularly volunteers in the not-for-profit sector and has led many committees and community engagement projects.

Wes is passionate about people development as well building a strong culture with a focus on diversity and collaboration. He is looking forward to making a contribution to the HEY community


Bianca Ray